When yoga class just isn’t doing it anymore.

There are more than enough stress-relieving options for your garden variety of stress. If you’ve started a gratitude journal, attend a yoga class or burn lavender-scented candles so you can calm the f**k down, you’re off to an excellent start.

Emotion-focused coping tools, like the examples above, are just one…

How do yours measure up?

Table of Contents

  • Why Boundaries Matter
  • Undefined Boundaries
  • Clear Boundaries
  • How to Tell When a Boundary is Needed
  • Developing Your Own Boundaries
  • Enforce Your Boundaries (Respectfully)

Boundaries are the divide between what we want and what others may want of us. …

How to hack — and thrive in — solo living.

Just like sharing your space with roommates, family or a partner, living alone has its challenges. But keeping a living space all to yourself may be just the push you need to grow your self-confidence.

More time alone can translate to new hobbies, greater creativity and a feeling of being…

They’re great…at first.

The term “toxic” in this article is used to describe damaging behaviours or a person who regularly uses them to hurt another person’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Toxic relationships don’t start out that way. The person may seem fun, interesting and like they “get” you. But as time goes…

Working from home comes with its perks. Pajama bottoms. Naps. NSFW Britney Spears songs. Sure, many of us have been hacking the work-from-home routine since the pandemic hit, but I find that I’m only now getting the hang of it.

My least cooperative work team member? My brain. How can…

What it looks like and how to stop.

Caring about and wanting to help someone you love is awesome…except when it becomes an obsession. Codependency is caring too much about how a loved one is feeling and the choices they make. Essentially, codependency is an addiction to trying to make other people happy.

Codependency grows out of an…

Samuel Lionel “Roxy” Rothafel (1882–1936)

Better known simply as “Roxy,” Mr.Rothafel was the fanciful mind behind the movie palace concept. He bolstered theater shows, such as those at the R.K.O. and Radio City Music Hall, with the addition of live music, entertainment during intermissions and a lavish visual atmosphere.

To understand Roxy’s brand of entertainment…

Photographed by Pedro E. Guerrero. (Daniel McCarthy Architect LLC.) Edward Durell Stone in the Edward Durell Stone House.

Edward Durell Stone (1902–1978)

Edward Durell Stone began his architectural design career inspired by the International Style, eventually leaning into less austere designs as his career progressed [1]. His work as the architect for the Art Deco Radio City Music Hall building shows his less conservative side.

Stone orchestrated many buildings of note across…

The Roxy Suite in Radio City Music Hall, furnished by Donald Deskey.

Donald Deskey (1894–1989)

In early 1932, Donald Deskey submitted his designs through a competition in a bid to oversee the interior styling of the soon-to-be Radio City Music Hall. His work stood out and he was chosen to decorate the theater.

The project demanded that Deskey deliver on the modernity Art Deco aesthetics…

Behind the weary buildings of the Vancouver Downtown…

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